What to know about WEG?

Permit for Minors Entering the Philippines

WEG application

WEG authorization is required for unaccompanied minors under the age of 15.

In the Philippines, the Philippine Immigration Law strictly prohibits the entry of children under the age of 15 who are not Filipino citizens without the accompaniment of a guardian, specifically a parent listed on the family register. To circumvent this restriction, individuals can obtain a Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG) certification at the Philippine Embassy before their travel or opt for notarization at a public notary office. This certification allows for an exemption from the entry exclusion regulations, permitting the child to travel alone without a guardian or with a designated proxy.

It is imperative to complete the WEG certification procedure before embarking on the journey, and, as a general rule, applicants are expected to handle the application process personally. Furthermore, when entering in Japan, individuals eligible for WEG must submit a duly certified WEG application form and remit the applicable WEG application fee to immigration authorities.

For those opting to apply through a proxy, kindly notify us at least two months prior to your scheduled departure date.

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Step 1: Gather all the needed documents

Document Submission Guidelines

To facilitate a smooth application process, kindly ensure the accurate completion of the required documents listed below:

・Affidavit of Support and Guarantee with Consent 1 original + 1 copy
・WEG Application Form (Application for Waiver of Exclusion Ground) 1 original + 1 copy
・English Translation of Family Register 1 original + 1 copy
・Admission Letter (Issued upon Confirmation of Payment to GLC) 2 copies

For passport copies, please provide color copies ensuring that both the photo and text on the photo page are clearly visible. This applies to the participating child's A4-size passport copy and the parental authority A4-size passport copy (or driver's license, if a passport is unavailable).

Additionally, two passport-sized ID photos of the participating child without glasses or colored contact lenses are required.

nsure to have both the original documents and one copy of each for submission.
List of Required Documents:(Apply individually)
  • Affidavit of Consent for Support/Guarantee … 1 original + 1 copy
  • WEG application form … 1 original + 1copy
  • Family register for English translation …1 original + 1 copy
  • Certificate of Admission (GLC will issue after payment is confirmed.) … 2 copies
  • Passport copy of participating child A4 size … 2 copies
  • Parent's passport copy A4 size… 2 copies
    (If you do not have a passport, a driver's license is also acceptable)
  • ID photo of participating child (4.5cm x3.5cm) … 2
  • Passport copy of the accompanying person (A4 size) … 2 copies
  • Family register … 1 original + 1 copy
Additional Required Documents for Application by Proxy: (Apply by proxy)
  • Certificate of Seal Impression … 1 original copy
  • Power of Attorney in Japanese … 1 original copy
    *Originals and samples will be sent to those who apply by proxy.
Affidavit of Support and Guarantee with Travel Consent for WEG
  • Father or Mother's name (Romaji)
    *In the case of proxy application, it is necessary to enter the same name on the seal registration card.
  • Country's name (Romaji)
  • Current address (Romaji)
  • Name of the child traveling to the Philippines (Romaji)
  • Date of birth of the child traveling to the Philippines (Romaji)
  • Place of birth of the child traveling to the Philippines (Romaji)
  • Age of the child traveling to the Philippines  (Number only)
  • Passport number of the child traveling to the Philippines
  • Passport expiration date of the child traveling to the Philippines (Romaji)
  • Place of departure (Romaji)
  • Place of arrival (Romaji)
  • Check Alone and Unaccompanied
    *If you have a guardian at a junior camp, etc., please check "WITH TRAVELING COMPANION" and leave the others blank and send it to the designated office of the Japan Secretariat.
  • School name and address:
    "IDEA English Svcs.Inc, New Frontier, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
  • Signature of Parent or Guardian
    *In the case of proxy application, it is necessary to enter the same name on the seal registration card.
Application for Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG) for Unaccompanied Minors
  • Name of Minor (Romaji)
  • Gender of participating child (Male or Female)
  • Nationality of Minor (Romaji)
  • Date/Place of birth of Minor (Romaji)
  • Passport Number of Minor.
  • Date/Place of Issue of the Passport of Minor (Romaji)
  • Date of Arrival of Minor (Romaji)
  • Flight number (Romaji)
  • Place of Departure of Minor (Romaji)
  • Enter school name and address
    "IDEA English Svcs. Inc, New Frontier, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu"
  • Parent's Romanized Name and Signature
    *In case of proxy application, it is necessary to enter the same name on the seal registration card.
Family Register Form for WEG
  • Parent's name listed on top of the first page of the family register (Romaji)
  • Permanent Address (Romaji)
  • Participating child's name (Romaji)
  • Date of birth of the child( Romaji)
  • Place of birth of participating child(Romaji Example: Tokyo)
  • Your mother's name as it appears on your family register (Roman letters)
  • Father's name (Romaji) as it appears on the family register
  • Are your parents married? (YES/NO)
  • If parents are divorced, who has custody (FATHER/MOTHER)?(FATHER/MOTHER)
  • Mother's or father's name (Romaji)
    *Signature of the person applying at the counter
    *In the case of a proxy apply in romaji, which is the same as the name on the certificate of seal impression. cation, it is necessary to write the parent's name

Flow ❷

1)For Philippine Embassy Application - Submission and Receipt of Documents (Authentication Procedure)

To ensure a smooth process for your Philippine Embassy application, please complete all required documents and submit them for WEG certification. It is crucial to double-check for any incompleteness before submission, as applications with defects may not be accepted. If applying in person, corrections can be made at the counter. However, for proxy applications, corrections cannot be made on-site, so exercise caution to avoid mistakes. Upon completing the submission at the Philippine Embassy, the certified WEG application documents will be ready in approximately 3 to 5 days. Kindly collect them at the designated counter.

*For mail
Opting for mail delivery? Fill in your home address on the letter pack plus (red one) of Japan Post during the authentication procedure. The certified documents will be sent to your home, with a processing time ranging from 10 days to a maximum of 3 weeks. Ensure to complete the application well in advance.
<Regarding Fees for Individual Applications:>
  • Authentication Fee: US$25
  • Verification Fee: US$25
WEG Certification Procedure: US$50 (approximately ¥6,500), covering certification and matching fees.Payment is in Japanese Yen during document submission to the embassy. Additionally, apply for WEG before queuing for immigration upon arrival, with a local currency fee of ₱3,120 (approximately ¥7,000) payable at the time of application.
<Fees for Proxy Application:>
  • Proxy application for junior camp: 28,000yen
    *You must apply for WEG before queuingfor immigration upon arrival.
    Includes WEG application fee of 3,120Philippine pesos (approximately 7,000 yen) upon arrival.
  • Traveling Alone: ¥20,000
    Local currency fee of ₱3,120 (approximately ¥7,000) due at the time of application.

2)When notarized at a notary public office- Notarization of documents (authentication procedure)

You can complete the WEG attestationprocess by completing the required documents and having the documents notarizedat your local notary public office.
Procedures at the notary public officecan be completed in about an hour on the same day. However, there are manynotary offices that are not well-known about WEG documents in the Philippines.The Azabu notary public office near the Philippine Embassy has many WEGcertifications, so please visit the Azabu office or contact us by phone.
Please contact the notary public office.

Flow ❸

WEG application at the time of entry

Ensure you have all certified documents ready to present at the airport on the day of your departure. Kindly refrain from placing them in your check-in baggage; instead, carry them in your hand luggage for easy access.

If you are traveling alone, upon arrival at Cebu Mactan Airport, please promptly submit your WEG documents (WEG application) and settle the application fee amounting to 3,120 pesos. Your cooperation in adhering to these procedures is greatly appreciated. Safe travels!

Access to embassies and notary offices

Philippine Embassy Tokyo

5-15-5 Roppongi, Minato Ward, Tokyo106-8537
Phone 03-5562-1607
Business hours: 9:00-18:00
Application reception hours: 9:00-14:00
Monday to Friday (closed on Philippineand Japanese holidays)

Consulate General of the Philippines in Osaka

Twin 21 MID Tower 24F, 2-1-61 Shiromi,Chuo Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture 540-6124
Phone 06-6910-7881
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
Application reception hours: 9:00-14:00
Monday to Friday (closed on Philippineand Japanese holidays)

Azabu Notary Office *Recommended

5F Fukao Building, 1-4-5 Azabujuban,Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0045
Tel: 03-3585-0907
Business hours: 9:30-17:00
Monday to Friday (Closed on Saturdays,Sundays and public holidays)
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