What to bring?

List of Essential Items to bring to Cebu

Studying abroad needs more preparation than simply traveling. At GLC, we have prepared a variety of assistance so that you can decrease the amount of luggage you require, but when it comes to preparations, it is impossible to imagine and you are usually in a rush. However, if you pack everything, you can end yourself with overweight luggage at the airport. In that situation, additional charges will be required, which may result in the unfortunate outcome of paying excessive fees. Make use of this checklist to ensure that you don't forget to bring your own!
Flight Ticket (E-ticket)
When departing from your country, it's essential to have an exit ticket from the Philippines. Therefore, ensure that you have either a return ticket from in your country to the Philippines or an exit ticket to a third country.

To ensure a smooth process during your stay, kindly bring a passport with a validity of at least six months beyond your intended length of stay. Additionally, it is advisable to have a copy of your passport on hand in case of loss.
Overseas Travel Insurance
Ensure to acquire comprehensive overseas travel insurance that spans the entire duration of your stay. Failure to do so may result in exorbitant costs for medical examinations and hospitalization on-site. Additionally, certain language schools may deny admission without proof of insurance.

Upon enrollment, you will receive a certificate. Kindly bring both the original certificate and a copy for documentation purposes. This not only safeguards your well-being but also ensures a hassle-free and secure experience during your travels.
Pocket Money and Cash Allowance

Approximate Range: $50 to $300 per month (Note: Individual differences may apply)

Pocket money refers to the additional funds provided for personal expenses, distinct from necessary expenses like language school fees and airport taxes upon returning home. In your country, the process of exchanging foreign currency into Philippine pesos can be somewhat challenging, as only a limited number of banks offer this service. Consequently, it is customary for individuals to exchange pesos at banks or dedicated exchange offices within the airport shortly after arriving in the Philippines.

Bring five or six hoodies, long sleeve coats, and short sleeve shirts because the air conditioning is effective. It is convenient to pack a jersey for daily wear, 4-5 changes of underwear, 1-2 pairs of long pants, and socks (if needed). Hats (since the sun is so powerful), sandals, sports shoes, etc. If you wish to take a yoga class, you must also wear athletic clothing.
Credit / Debit Cards

When it comes to accessing cash in local currency, local ATMs are your go-to. Most credit cards, especially those from Visa and Mastercard, are widely accepted. Particularly noteworthy are Visa debit cards, which come highly recommended. These cards are managed by various financial institutions and boast functions akin to credit cards.

One of the key advantages of using a Visa debit card is the immediate debit from your bank account after each transaction. This feature provides peace of mind, eliminating concerns about overspending.
Skin Care Recommendations

For women, we highly recommend bringing your essential skincare products that you use regularly. While you can find various products in the Philippines, it's advisable to bring the items that specifically cater to your skin type. In particular, please ensure to pack your preferred lotion, milky lotion, cleanser, and other essentials from your country, as these may be challenging to procure locally.
Writing Supplies orStationery

When it comes to writing supplies, such as ballpoint pens and notebooks, it's possible to find them locally. However, we advise against purchasing them here due to the inferior quality. For a better writing experience, we recommend bringing your own supplies from your home country.
Prepare one each of toothpaste set, soap (body soap), and shampoo. If you have a lot of things to bring, or if you don't care about your branded items/products, you can buy them locally.
Sunscreen and Insect Repellent

When it comes to safeguarding your skin from the sun's harsh rays and warding off pesky mosquitoes, choosing the right products is essential. While you can certainly purchase these items locally, opting for the ones crafted in your country ensures a higher level of effectiveness. Make it a habit to bring these essential items with you every day. Consider the specific location you'll be visiting, as some areas may have a higher prevalence of mosquitoes. In such cases, taking additional measures like wearing long sleeves and long pants can significantly enhance your protection.
SIM free smartphone

If your smartphone is SIM-free in your country, you can replace it with a local SIM and obtain a local phone number to make calls and connect to the Internet. Most of them are prepaid, so you can't use them just by inserting a SIM card. You have to pay a certain amount. Payment methods vary depending on the SIM company, so please check after arriving at the site.
Passport Size Photo

Possessing a passport size photo is crucial for various situations. Whether you misplace your passport or encounter unforeseen troubles, having a readily available photo can significantly expedite the resolution process. Therefore, it is advisable to carry a passport size photo in advance.
Transformer and plug

When dealing with electric appliances, it's important to note that the standard voltage is 220V. Depending on the appliances you use, you may require a transformer. The plug type in use is Type A. Therefore, it is advisable to carefully check the voltage requirements of your electrical appliances.

If your appliances are compatible with 220V, you're good to go.
Cup tumbler
At our school, water dispensers are conveniently available for your use. However, it's essential to note that cups and tumblers are not provided. Therefore, we kindly request that you bring your own.
Hair DryerStudent dormitories provide hair dryers. If you prefer to use your own, please remember to bring it along. Also, please note that  hair irons not compatible with international standards cannot be used.

Outlet type: A type/Voltage: 220V
Sandals / Gym Shoes

Please be mindful of the footwear policy within the premises. At GLC and during various activities, it is imperative to wear appropriate shoes. Gym shoes are specifically mandated for use in the gym. If you find yourself at a pool resort, sandals are deemed acceptable. However, when engaging in island hopping adventures, we strongly recommend the use of sandals with a closed-toe design for added safety and comfort. Your adherence to these guidelines ensures a pleasant experience for everyone.
Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

When attending our gathering, kindly ensure you have your preferred eyewear with you-whether it be glasses or contact lenses. Even disposable contact lenses can be brought along as handy backups.
In the Philippines, umbrellas are reasonably priced; however, a significant number of them exhibit fragility. While it is uncommon for continuous rainfall throughout the day, sudden squalls are frequent. Hence, it is advisable to carry a folding umbrella.
Swimsuit and Goggles
When engaging in water activities, whether it be at the pool or the sea, it's essential to be prepared with the right gear. While you have the option to purchase these items locally, it's worth noting that they might come at a higher cost. Therefore, we recommend bringing your own swimsuit and goggles with you.

Having two bath towels and two hand towels is important as they cannot be used while they are in the laundry. (Hotel dormitories have towels provided, but you are not allowed to take them out.)
Household Medicine Recommendations

We recommend that you bring your own medicines, including digestives, anti-diarrheals, cold medicines, and more, commonly used in your country. While most medicines in the Philippines are imported from the United States, ensuring their quality, there may be a price difference compared to your country. Additionally, some individuals might find them stronger. Therefore, it's advisable to bring the medications you usually use for your convenience and comfort.
Digital Learning Tools and Recommendations for English Classes

At GLC, we prioritize sustainability by avoiding the use of paper materials. Instead, we harness the power of e-Learning materials to enhance the efficiency of our learning programs. This approach not only contributes to environmental conservation but also fosters a more dynamic and interactive learning experience.

By utilizing electronic devices such as tablets and PCs, our learners can seamlessly connect to the Internet. This connectivity facilitates the exploration of English words and idioms, serving as a convenient alternative to traditional dictionaries during both preparation and review sessions. This digital accessibility empowers our students to engage with language resources more effectively.

For those interested in business English or presentation classes, we strongly recommend having access to PowerPoint and Google Slides.
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