English Plus Course

Internship / Volunteer Program
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English Plus Course

Internship / Volunteer

Embark on an enriching internship experience course, where you can apply the English skills you've acquired during your language studies.

In the English Plus program, participants can enhance their language skills through the Power Speaking course, which is a comprehensive English program. During the afternoons and evenings, students have the unique opportunity to engage in virtual internships abroad, spanning Europe, India, and other regions, while also contributing to volunteer initiatives at local schools and companies, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Cebu. This program offers an immersive experience that extends beyond traditional classroom learning. Not only do students earn a certificate upon completing the English course, but those who actively participate in the virtual internships and volunteer activities will also receive a separate completion certificate.

This additional certification serves as a testament to their dedication and involvement in the program. Importantly, it holds significant value for those seeking employment opportunities at overseas universities and companies, showcasing a diverse skill set and a commitment to global engagement.

English + Virtual Internship Program

In this virtual internship, you will engage in online meetings with local companies in Ireland, Denmark, India, Tanzania, and more. These sessions will take place from evening to night in the Philippines. Your tasks will involve product planning and development, public relations, marketing, and market research. For the research and report preparation related to your assigned tasks, a virtual internship mentor will be assigned to each group (possibly one-on-one depending on the number of participants). The mentor will provide guidance before and after the event to help you understand the task content and offer valuable research advice. This includes methods for report preparation, report practice, and preparation for presentations. This opportunity not only allows you to apply the English language skills you have acquired in a practical setting but also presents a unique program offered by the Philippine Language School. It is an excellent chance to gain hands-on experience in a professional environment and enhance your language proficiency within the context of the business world.
Irish IT Startup
Ireland boasts Silicon Docks, often hailed as the European counterpart to America's Silicon Valley. Additionally, it stands out as a hub for numerous startup companies within Europe. Immerse yourself in the forefront of European IT trends through a virtual internship with an IT startup. Our vision includes the establishment of innovative enterprises, such as travel platforms and finance applications.
India Business Consulting
This internship opportunity revolves around participating in a dynamic company specializing in researching business markets and corporate infrastructures. Our focus includes offering comprehensive support and expert guidance on corporate business plans. Moreover, we actively contribute to the financial and marketing strategies of emerging companies, particularly those in the energy and technology sectors. Embark on an internship experience amidst the vibrant and promising future market. Gain invaluable insights into the intricacies of business, market dynamics, and corporate structures while honing your skills in finance and marketing. Elevate your professional journey by joining us in this exciting venture.
Danish Regional Revitalization Company
We are a regional revitalization company situated in Køge, a charming city only 30 minutes south of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Our business, emphasizing the utilization of local materials, is strategically positioned to make a substantial impact on the future of Japan. By participating in our program, you have the opportunity to aspire to a prominent role, positioning yourself as a key player and global leader in the realm of regional revitalization in Japan.

English + Cebu Volunteer Program

In NGO volunteer initiatives, we are actively engaged in addressing the social issue of poverty within the Philippines through the "Anya's Home" project launched on Cebu Island. This project aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and involves various activities, including Japanese language education, English education, study tours, mental care, cooking assistance, and cleaning support. A typical day of volunteering spans approximately four hours, encompassing two distinct categories of activities: those conducted within the center and preparatory tasks on campus. This designated time allows for the development of lesson plans and educational materials to enhance our teaching initiatives. During preparatory activities on campus, GLC instructors serve as mentors, offering valuable support and guidance. Moreover, we offer opportunities for volunteers, including internships, to assist with tasks at local schools and Japanese language schools. This multifaceted approach enables us to contribute meaningfully to the community while addressing the challenges outlined in the SDGs.
Teacher Assistant at Local Schools
Teacher assistants play a crucial role in private educational institutions and Japanese language schools in Cebu, Philippines. Given that English is the official language in the Philippines, the majority of classes are conducted in English. Similarly, in Japan, the emphasis on English education begins at the elementary school level, making it imperative not only for middle and high school English teachers but also for elementary school teachers. In the Philippines, the focus is on effectively utilizing English for communication with children, adopting English as the medium of instruction, and gaining valuable experience in the day-to-day school environment while engaging with fellow educators in English. This immersion contributes significantly to enhancing language proficiency and teaching skills. This unique opportunity allows teacher assistants to navigate the challenges of interacting with students, employing English as the primary language, and fostering a dynamic educational environment. As these professionals engage with students and collaborate with teachers, they not only refine their language abilities but also gain a deeper understanding of instructional methods, creating a rich and rewarding experience in the process.
Assistant staff at IT, Travel Agencies, and many other local companies
In the Philippines, the pursuit of Japanese language education has gained popularity, leading to the establishment of numerous Japanese language schools. Among the diverse opportunities available, a noteworthy position emerges – that of an assistant dedicated to enhancing the supplementary Japanese learning experience for individuals aspiring to pursue opportunities in Japan, particularly in sectors like elderly care facilities or the medical field. Furthermore, the Philippines hosts a multitude of outsourcing companies originating from Western countries. This creates a platform for engagement in various assistant roles across sectors such as gaming, customer support, information technology, and travel services. The spectrum of tasks encompasses diverse responsibilities, making it a dynamic and enriching experience for those seeking professional growth and development.
NGO Anya's Home Assistant Staff
We provide a Volunteer Program opportunity to serve as an assistant at NGO Anya's Home, a ‘terakoya’ that mainly provides meals and education, as well as Japanese-style moral and hygiene instruction to underprivileged children. The program involves engaging in diverse activities, including Japanese language education, English education, study tours, mental care, cooking assistance, and cleaning support. Volunteers have the chance to actively participate in these activities, contributing to their personal development and allowing them to practice and enhance their English language skill.

Course Requirements

Course start
Course period
Course conditions

・In principle, 18 years old and above (Depending on the program, high school students 16 years old and above are also possible.)
・Level 3 (Beginner1 / A1.2) ~ Level 12 (Advanced /C2)
*Levels highlighted in yellow background are supported.

Level name
Level 1
Level 2
Beginner 1
A1 .1
Level 3
Beginner 2
A1 .2
Level 4
Beginner 3
A1 .3
Level 5
High Beginner 1
A2 .1
Level 6
High Beginner 2
A2 .2
Level 7
Pre-Intermediate 1
B1 .1
Level 8
Pre-Intermediate 2
B1 .2
Level 9
Intermediate 1
B2 .1
Level 10
Intermediate 2
B2 .2
Level 11
Level 12
Course Materials

Course Details

English + Virtual Internship

Enhance your English skills by participating in online internships offered in both European and Asian countries while studying in Cebu. Regardless of your proficiency in English, you can develop a strong grasp of the language and hone valuable problem-solving skills through the support of experienced mentors during your internships. This guided experience not only contributes to your personal growth but also sets the stage for designing a successful future career. Join us and embark on this enriching journey of language enhancement and professional development.
Four (4) one-on-one classes
*Required by GLC
Two (2) group classes
*Required by GLC
Virtual Internship
*Mandatory 1 to 2 hours/day
*What's included in this course:
  • One-on-one classes - 20 lessons of 50 minutes per week.
  • Group class - 10 lessons of 50 minutes per week.
  • Virtual Internship - 1-2 hours/day. (2-3 times a week)
  • Mentoring - 30 minutes to 1 hour/day. (2-3 times a week)
  • After completing the English course, if you reach the attendance rate of 90% or more, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion.
  • After completing the virtual internship, a Certificate of Completion will be issued if you reach the attendance rate of 90% or more.
  • Learning consultation by one buddy instructor. (once/4 weeks)

English + Local Volunteer

Introducing a program that offers you the chance to engage in meaningful volunteer work, including internships with local NGOs, schools, and companies, all while immersing yourself in English language studies in the vibrant city of Cebu. This unique initiative provides the perfect opportunity to apply and enhance your English skills in real-life situations.This program aims to make your learning experience not only educational but also hands-on and impactful. Join us in Cebu and unlock the potential of practical volunteerism as you refine your English language proficiency in a dynamic and supportive environment.
Four (3) one-on-one classes
*Required by GLC
Local Volunteer
*Mandatory 4 hours/day
*What's included in this course
  • One-on-one tuition - 15 lessons of 50 minutes per week
  • Local Volunteer - 4 hours/day (4-5 times a week)
  • Mentoring - 30 minutes to 1 hour/day (2-3 times a week)
  • After completing the English course, ifyou clear the attendance rate of 90% or more, you will be issued a certificate of completion.
  • After completing the volunteer activity, a Certificate of Completion will be issued if you reach the attendance rate of 90% or more.
  • Learning consultation by one buddy instructor (once/4 weeks)

Course Price List

English + Virtual Internship Program
English + Local Volunteer Program
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