School event ☆ Joint bowling tournament between two schools!

School Life

May 22, 2019

On Saturday, May 18, IDEA Cebu and Academia held a combined school event.

On that day, we organized a bowling tournament at Gaisano Bowling, conveniently located near Country Mall in Cebu.

On this particular day, a total of 10 students and 4 student staffs, as well as 28 students (including 11 Japanese nationals with foreign nationality), and 4 student staffs (also including 11 Japanese nationals with foreign nationality), actively took part in the event.

This was an unexpected international exchange event, with about one out of every two people coming from overseas!

This event was conceptualized and proposed by the Student Staff (Japanese).

At first, I thought, "What if it turns out to be a small event, with no more than 10 participants, not to mention teachers and students of foreign nationalities...?

However, to my pleasant surprise, the event unfolded into a grand affair, attracting a remarkable turnout of over 50 people.

This gathering provided a valuable opportunity for students of diverse ages to engage and interact with one another.

The tournament featured both individual and team competitions, with the teams being determined through exciting lottery draws!

Everyone worked diligently to achieve a high team score while communicating in English.

The collaborative efforts of IDEA CEBU and IDEA ACADEMIA involved students from diverse nationalities, providing ample opportunities to practice and enhance their English language skills.

The team with the lowest score will be assigned the penalty of composing "butt letters."

The prospect of performing this task in front of a crowd of 50 people left them visibly embarrassed.

The team that achieved the highest score earned matching T-shirts for the entire group.

After the bowling tournament, we went  to a Korean-owned restaurant.

It was truly gratifying to receive positive feedback from several participants of the event, expressing their delight in attending the bowling tournament.

I'm a 3rd-year GLC staff member who has experienced a 5-month study abroad program in Cebu and commutes between Cebu and the headquarters in Osaka. In the past, I have also worked as a staff member at a language school in Cebu, gaining experience in event planning and management. I will be sharing reports and useful information from both Japan and Cebu!
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