Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


About the program

I would like to know the cancellation and refund policy.
I want to know about the nationality ratio
How do I pay the local cost?
Is it possible to participate in volunteer activities?
Do you have native teachers?
What age are the students studying abroad
Is it possible to change the course locally?
Can I extend my stay or stay the night before?
Are there specific days for arrival and what’s the schedule like?
Is it possible to change the teacher?

About student life

Is it possible to send packages to the school in advance?
Do I need a transformer?
What kind of clothes do I need?
Do you have daycare or baby sitting services?
I would like to know about payment methods.
Can I use my credit card everywhere?
Can I withdraw money from my bank account in the Philippines?
Is there a beach nearby?
Are there hospitals nearby?
Do you need to tip?
Can I rent a pocket Wi-Fi locally?
Are there any supermarkets or convenience stores?
Do you have a curfew?
Is smoking allowed?
Is it possible to drink alcohol
Is it possible to use food delivery?
Can allergies be accommodated in school meals?
What kind of food will be served?
I want to know about transportation.
Do you have activities at school?
How do you spend weekends and holidays?
Can I drink water?
What should I do if I get sick?
Is there a place to exchange money?
How much money do I need for living expenses?
How safe is Cebu?

About airport pickup and transfer

I would like to know about airport pickup
Can you pick me up at the airport in the middle of the night or early morning?
Do you offer a shuttle service to the airport for my flight back home?

About facilities and equipment

Is there a pool?
Do you have a fitness gym?
Do you have hangers provided?
Do you have a security box?
Can I use electrical appliances I bring from home?
What types of room do you have?
Can I use the Internet or Wi-Fi?
Do you have towels?
Do you have a hair dryer?
Can I wash my clothes?

About study abroad procedures

Can I enter the country with just a one-way ticket?
Can you tell me about the immigration process?
Please tell me about theimmigration card.
Do I need to bring a photo with me?
Where can I book my flight tickets?
When should I get my passport ready?
What are SSPs?
Do I need a visa? Do I need to apply in advance?
Do I need to get study abroad insurance?
Do I need vaccinations?
I am thinking of studying abroad with my family. Should parents take classes too?
Can seniors study abroad?
From what age can I study abroad?
Is it possible to pay tuition fees locally?
When should I apply study abroad in GLC?
Can I pay installments for the tuition fee?
How to apply for study abroad?
Is it possible to extend the period of study abroad?
Can I switch rooms?

About learning English

What is your advise  on what to study before traveling?
Can I take classes on weekends and public holidays?
Is it possible to take official TOEIC and IELTS tests?
Is it possible to record lessons?
Do Filipino teachers speak English with an accent?
I am a beginner in English, is that okay?
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