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Join go to Dubai Junior Camp in the spring of 2023!
Join go to Dubai Junior Camp in the spring of 2023!
Mystery Solving Online International Exchange Event
Mystery Solving Online International Exchange Event

About Philippines Cebu

Just 4 hours from Japan on a direct flight! Currently, the Philippines holds a position in the top 5 nations where Japanese students study English abroad. Cebu Island is the second largest city in the Philippines frequently featured on TV and social media platforms.  In addition to learning English, Cebu Island boasts an environment that is conducive for recreation and exploration.
Discover the beauty of Cebu, exploring its pristine beaches and rich historical landmarks.

Cebu is one of the Visayas islands located between Luzon and Mindanao in the heart of the Philippine archipelago. In addition to direct flights from Japan, Cebu Island is one of Asia's leading resort islands, accessible via Manila, Seoul, South Korea, Hong Kong, and other cities. Cebu, the second largest city after Manila, has the stunning cobalt blue sea seen on SNS and TV, as well as buildings and fusion of cultures that evoke the historical influence of Spain and the United States.


GLC Global Language Cebu (former IDEA CEBU), which started as a language school with 80 students in 2011, has undergone mergers, a two-campus system, closures due to COVID-19, and reopened in November 2022. We moved campus, changed the name from IDEA to GLC, and have grown into a relatively large language school with over 400 students. GLC is the best cost performance school where you can realize “STUDY & ENJOY” with school-sponsored activities held every week. In addition, the campus has amazing facilities such as a swimming pool, fitness gym, game room and more. GLC's response to the COVID-19 pandemic by developing an online study abroad platform demonstrates adaptability and a commitment to providing educational opportunities even in challenging circumstances. Offering one-on-one sessions, group studies, and international exchange experiences online broadens the accessibility of education and provides flexibility for students with different preferences.


In addition to English training for children and juniors aged 5 to 14, GLC offers general English courses that specialize in speaking for all levels, affordable family packages for parents and children, TOEIC, and IELTS. We also offer English learning programs to fulfill a wide range of needs, such as test preparation classes and business English courses to help you improve your score.
Power Speaking

Power Speaking (General English) It is a general English course that can be taken by beginners to advanced learners of English, and is an intensive program centered on one-on-one with practical output learning to use in English communication.

Family Package

This is a great family share package for 2 to 4 parents and children studying abroad. This course allows you to share the one-on-one lessons included in Family Packages 2, 3, and 4 with your family or between parents and children.

English + Internship

This is a program that allows you to participate in online internships with Western companies in Europe, India, etc., as well as internships at NGO schools and companies in Cebu while taking a general English course.

Eiken Cebu Course

Eiken 3rd grade, Pre-2nd grade, 2nd grade, and Pre-1st grade are provided in the Eiken preparation course for each level. As part of the preparation for the second exam, we also conduct interview exercises to prepare for the Eiken exam.

TOEIC preparation course

This course is for learners with a TOEIC score of 400 or higher, and can be taken for short-term study abroad programs starting from one week. Practical and intensive study of TOEIC Writing, Reading, and Listening academic subjects in one-on-one lessons.

IELTS preparation course

This course is suitable for learners with an IELTS score of 3.0 or higher, and it is open for short-term study abroad, starting from just 1 week. In one-on-one lessons, you will study IELTS academic subjects practically and intensively, aiming to improve your score.

Business English Course

Through one-on-one and group classes, students learn the four skills of English (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) in a well-balanced manner.

CELTA qualification course

CELTA is the most recognized English teaching qualification in the world for teaching English to non-native speakers. This course is for CEFR level C2 or higher, which is an English teacher qualification accredited by the Cambridge University Press and Assessment, an educational institution in the UK.

Kids Junior English Course

This is an English course for kids (ages 5 to 11) and juniors (ages 12 to 14) who are just starting to learn English, as well as junior high school students who aim to study English abroad in high school or go on to study at an overseas university.


GLC provides comprehensive support and assistance for the requisite procedures with the study English in Cebu, Philippines program, conducted at our offices in Japan.


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School Life
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