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Our Vision

GLC will serve as a global gateway for dreams and goals.

GLC, which started as a language school with 80 students as IDEA Education in 2011, changed its name to Global Language Center in November 2022.

Currently, the number of students exceeds 400, and it has grown into a relatively large language school in the Philippines. The nationalities of international students who have come to GLC are from all over Asia, Europe and South America.

Until now, many people have taken up the challenge of studying abroad to learn English in preparation for the globalization of large companies and SMEs. However as we enter 2020, the impact of globalization extends not only in the business scene but also in the daily aspect of life, including education.

And we, GLC, have been involved in English education for more than 10,000 international students making Cebu, Philippines  the starting point for globalization. International students who have graduated from GLC are working towards their future goals. Some are active in their home countries, while others continue to take on challenges on the world stage. Indeed, GLC is the starting point (gateway) of the global world and the foundation for polishing "English skills".

As a world-class language school, GLC will continue to evolve in terms of education, support, and facilities, and will continue to create an environment where international students of all ages, from young children to seniors, can live a fulfilling study abroad life.

GLC- Your ultimate destination for overseas language excellence

Unlock your English potential with GLC

Learn, Enjoy and Experience at GLC

GLC aspires to be the number one choice for students in Cebu, signifying a dedication to academic excellence. This reflects a commitment to delivering high-quality education to its students. The mention of "learn, enjoy, and experience" suggests a holistic approach to education. GLC acknowledges that education extends beyond the classroom, encompassing social, recreational, and experiential aspects. The inclusion of marine sports, volunteering, and other social activities underscores a commitment to providing a well-rounded experience. These activities not only contribute to personal development but also facilitate networking and community engagement. GLC offers numerous opportunities and support across all aspects, ensuring your study abroad experience is an irreplaceable and valuable time.

World Class Quality

International Standard English Language Institution

GLC adopts the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages for Learning, Teaching, and Assessing English), an international standard for evaluating the English proficiency levels of international students. Additionally, it stands as the only Cambridge University-accredited CELTA training center in the Philippines, with 15% of GLC's English teachers holding CELTA qualifications. This accreditation from the Cambridge University Press and Assessment, a recognized authority in English education, enables international students not only to learn English but also to acquire the skills to facilitate English classes actively and efficiently. GLC's classes are meticulously structured to allow international students to develop creative English skills through engaging lessons. With such active teaching methods, GLC truly stands as a language school of world-class quality, adhering to international standards.

International Meet-up

GLC: Where students from all over the world gather to learn, enjoy, and experience English

The main nationality at GLC is Japanese; however, depending on the season, the Japanese ratio may fall below 40%. In addition to international students from Asian countries such as Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, GLC also accommodates students from Russia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East, albeit to a lesser extent. GLC has multinational managers such as Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Russian, and more to ensure that international students from various countries can stay with peace of mind, making it a welcoming environment even for English beginners.

Exquisite Beach Resorts

Beautiful beaches and fun-filled activities

GLC is situated in the city center of Cebu with easy access to various amenities, making it a convenient location for students. The availability of entertainment facilities, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, fitness gyms, and massage shops within walking distance suggests a well-connected and lively urban environment. Therefore, you can enjoy spending time with other international students enrolled in GLC not only on weekends but also after school. Also, it takes about 30 minutes by taxi from the area where the school is located to the beach resorts in Cebu. Indulge in resort activities like island hopping and day use on weekends for an added touch of leisure.

Specialized Learning Method

Communicative English Learning Approach

At GLC, our approach extends beyond traditional academic English learning. We embrace the Communicative Method, a dynamic learning technique designed to enhance English proficiency within a condensed time frame. Our instructional focus revolves around communication, ensuring a holistic language development experience.The communicative-based learning method integrates the "PREP Logical Speaking" and "RRR Active Listening" training modules. This approach equips you with techniques to adeptly navigate conversations, fostering the development of persuasive expressions, conversational skills, and sentence construction abilities.Unlike traditional English learning settings, our programs at GLC offer more than just one-on-one lessons. A distinctive feature of studying English in the Philippines is the incorporation of diverse group lessons. This enables us to precisely identify and address the specific weaknesses of international students while efficiently enhancing the English skills each student requires.

Guaranteed Score Up

IELTS/TOEIC Score Improvement Intensive Course

At GLC, our dedicated teams of specialists in IELTS and TOEIC continually refine the test preparation program daily, ensuring the development of a highly accurate and effective curriculum. We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of courses tailored to meet the diverse needs of our students. In addition to our intensive course, which can be completed in just one week, GLC proudly presents a unique Score Guarantee Course in Cebu, designed to be completed in the shortest duration of 10 weeks. This program reflects our commitment to providing unparalleled support and guidance to our students as they prepare for these crucial exams. Our exam preparation courses stand out due to their dynamic and personalized approach. One-on-one lessons are structured to deliver concentrated training in the specific subjects required for success. Simultaneously, our group lessons offer a more collaborative and practical setting, enhancing overall exam readiness.


GLC (Global Language Cebu) is a government-approved private language school officially licensed to operate in the Philippines.

TESDA Accredited School

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is the government agency tasked to manage and supervise technical education and skills development  in the Philippines. For the establishment and operation of educational skill corporations in the Philippines, including language schools, we undergo certifications on curriculum, corporate documents, management, facilities, equipment, taxes, and more. By examining these aspects, TESDA aims to ensure that language schools, like GLC adhere to high standards of quality and provide students with valuable and relevant skills.

Immigration Accredited School

We have obtained School Accreditation from the Philippine Immigration Department, a crucial requirement for admitting foreign students in the Philippines. The Bureau of Immigration (BI) in the Philippines is principally responsible for the administration and enforcement of immigration, citizenship, and alien admission and registration laws. GLC holds School Accreditation from the Bureau of Immigration, a crucial requirement for admitting foreign students in the Philippines. Consequently, we assist international students in applying for a Special Study Permit (SSP) when legally enrolling in an English school in the Philippines. The SSP is a mandatory document for international students pursuing studies in the country.

Cambridge University Accreditation

GLC is the only accredited Cambridge University English Language Institute CELTA and TKT official training and testing center in the Philippines. CELTA  (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification is widely recognized and respected globally. It is specifically designed for individuals who want to pursue a career in teaching English to non-native speakers  and  TKT is a series of modular teaching qualifications that focus on different aspects of language teaching. It is suitable for both new and experienced teachers looking to enhance their teaching skills.
Download the GLC Digital Brochure
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For an excellent cost-performance ratio in studying English abroad, choose GLC. If you're looking to prepare and experience English through online conversation or international exchange, we got you covered with our Classlive online lessons.