Accepting LINE Study Abroad Consultation

LINE Counseling

What is LINE Study Abroad Consultation?

GLC accepts consultations and questionsabout studying abroad on LINE. You can talk directly with the staff of GLC, soyou can rest assured. Anyone who uses LINE can contact us!

Advantages of LINE@ Consultation

Consult in real time

Several Japanese staff members of GLC arealways in contact with LINE@. We will directly answer your questions and doubtsabout studying abroad in real time.

*However, please understand that theremay be a delay in responding to inquiries outside business hours or onSaturdays and Sundays.

Consultation on travel preparations isalso possible

At LINE@, we not only provide advice onstudying abroad, but also answer questions and concerns about preparationsbefore traveling.

If it is just before the trip, there willalways be detailed questions. One of the appeals of LINE@ is that you caneasily ask questions in real time.
Get great deals

For those who have registered with LINE@, we will deliver advantageous campaign information irregularly.

Get a LINE@ only campaign and studyabroad at GLC at a great price!

How to add LINE friends

Whenusing a Smartphone

If you are viewing this website using asmartphone, you can add a friend by clicking the button below.
Study abroad consultation on LINE

QR code Whenadding friends by

Get GLC's "QR code" from the"Add friend" menu of the LINE app and read it. The QR code can beobtained from the link below.
Display GLC's LINE@ QR code

Addingfriends by searching for accounts

Enter "@ideaeducation" in thesearch window at the top of the LINE app, and tap the "GLC Study AbroadConsultation" account in the "Official Accounts" that appears inthe search results to add it.
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