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March 10, 2023

Greetings, everyone! I typically work in Japan, but I recently had the opportunity to visit the newly reopened Global Language Cebu (GLC) during a business trip. I am excited to share my experience with you all through this blog post! Stay tuned for more articles covering GLC, the surrounding area, and sightseeing on Cebu Island in the future. Your anticipation is greatly appreciated!

The entrance of GLC Cebu language school looks like this

GLC is marked by a red gate at the entrance

GLC, formerly known as IDEA CEBU, underwent a name change in 2022 and reopened at a new location. Conveniently situated in a residential area at the heart of Cebu Island, the school is just a 5-10 minute cab ride away from a large shopping mall.As you stroll towards the school from the main street, you'll notice that the street ends in a dead end, entirely within the school property. This ensures a safe and car-free environment. Additionally, a school bus is available for transportation to shopping malls and other destinations after school hours.For added security and peace of mind, there is a 24-hour security guard stationed at the entrance. When leaving the premises, you can leave your student ID card with your name written on it. Upon your return, you can retrieve your ID card from the same location. This streamlined process ensures both convenience and security for all students.

A security guard will check your student ID card each time you enter the premises.
There is no curfew, but going out and coming back home is properly controlled and secure!

GLC has no curfew, so it's perfect for those who want to make their study abroad experience both stress-free and fun! Upon passing  through the bright red gate, you will see an open lobby with a spacious swimming pool and stylish tables!

GLC provides a delightful nighttime swimming experience suitable for both adults and children

I felt like I was in a resort when I first arrived at the school at night.  The stunning, freshly renovated facilities, including a swimming pool, make you feel excited just by being in the space.

Meals are served three times daily by the pool.

"In addition to the main meats and fish, we also have a delightful array of vegetables and fruits!

The primary objective of studying abroad is, naturally, to enhance one's English proficiency. However, at GLC, the experience extends beyond the classroom, especially during mealtime, where all three meals are generously laid out in a delightful buffet style! What adds to the allure of GLC is the opportunity to savor your meals amidst rejuvenating breaks, accompanied by the invigorating embrace of fresh air. I will delve into the diverse menu offerings and provide additional details for your culinary exploration with the flexibility to venture out on weekdays, many individuals opt to dine at external restaurants in the evenings, often in the delightful company of friends! ^ ^

English lesson rooms are located on the first floor by  the pool and on the second floor.

The classroom is directly connected to the dining table area on the first floor!

On the first floor, adjacent to the pool and situated on the opposite side of the dining table, you will find the rooms designated for one-on-one lessons. Furthermore, there is an additional classroom for personalized instruction located on the second floor. Moreover, on the second floor, a welcoming reception area is staffed by friendly and cheerful Filipino personnel. Should you have any inquiries regarding your room or school services, please feel free to visit them at any time!

Free space on the second floor and Entrance to a hallway lined with classrooms
Our dedicated Filipino staff at the reception are ready to assist you with hands-on guidance!

Engaging in conversations with individuals outside of formal lessons provides an excellent opportunity to enhance your practical English conversational skills. By keeping this objective in mind during your time at GLC, you can significantly enrich your study abroad experience. Beyond the second-floor area, don't forget to explore the scenic views from the stairs ascending from the lobby. This will not only broaden your perspective but also add to the overall enjoyment of your language learning journey.

GLC stands out as a strikingly attractive and open campus, setting itself apart from other language schools in Cebu.

Welcome to the unique 1.5th floor! The elevated perspective offers a fantastic view of the poolside, making it even cooler and more enjoyable. By the way, at the top of the staircase, you'll find a spacious group class classroom. Conveniently, all classrooms are situated in close proximity to the lobby, ensuring ease of movement immediately after your breakfast or lunch.

On the second floor, there is a store where you can buy tapioca milk tea and a playground!

The GLC school store offers a limited selection of items.

Discover a variety of offerings at our store, where you can conveniently purchase small snacks, drinks, and daily necessities. If you're craving noodles, worry not – cup noodles are available! You can easily prepare them in the comfort of your room since water heaters are installed in each room.Indulge in a delightful treat with our freshly made tapioca drinks, priced at just 79 pesos (approximately 200 yen) ♡. With a range of flavors to choose from, reward yourself for your hard work by finding and savoring your favorite.Additionally, take advantage of our complimentary laundry service, available twice a week within the store premises. Please note that the pickup location is also at this establishment.Lastly, add a touch of recreation to your stay – a ping-pong table is conveniently placed in front of the concession stand! Enjoy a game or two during your leisure time.

Students are engaging in  fun and exciting table tennis game after school!

If you enjoy table tennis, or even if you have never played before, why not use your time at GLC to practice, lol? You can play with other Japanese students, or you can carry the Japanese flag and play  with students from other nations!

After school, several students enjoy utilizing the pool and gym facilities.

The exercise's figures are pictures..※

GLC also has a gymnasium for the exclusive use of students. Depending on the time of the day, it is sometimes almost entirely reserved for private use, allowing students to exercise in a relatively private space! The gym was just the right size, not too big and not too small.

Some students carve out a dedicated time each day for training after school, while others display remarkable commitment  by studying English while running on a treadmill with their roommates.

In addition to the machines, women can freely use dumbbells and yoga mats, allowing those who prefer shorter workouts to enjoy the facilities at their leisure. Whether you're aiming for a quick exercise session or a more extended workout, our gym provides the flexibility and resources to accommodate your fitness goals.

Manager Moe spends his spare time  working  on his abs.

You don't need to wear in workout attire to enjoy a brief, purposeful 5 or 10-minute gym session. Meet Manager Moe, diligently sculpting his abs.

As night falls, the pool emanates a captivating glow, casting a stylish ambiance.

GLC international students enjoy the pool to the fullest♪

This inviting ambiance catered not only to the little ones enrolled in parent-child study abroad programs but also to university students and adults seeking relaxation by the pool.

Cebu boasts a consistently warm climate throughout the year, making it an ideal destination to escape winter and revel in everlasting summer!

For those inclined to shop, the city offers local options with affordable prices, including popular fast-fashion outlets like H&M found in shopping malls. Whether you plan to frequent the pool daily or engage in marine activities during your leisure time, you can conveniently purchase clothing and swimsuits at these malls. Personally, I am eager to partake in marine activities on my days off! If you share this interest, it might be wise to pack two sets of swimsuits to ensure you always have a fresh pair available.

GLC student dormitories are located on the third through seventh floors!

The elevators are in front of the lobby!

In the lobby, there are two elevators that transport you up to the seventh floor.  As previously stated, the second floor houses the lesson rooms and stores. Moving beyond the third floor, you'll find the student dormitories. Notably, men's and women's rooms are distinctly separated on every floor, except for family units.

Given that the elevators have different stopping points, we kindly request that boys and girls utilize separate elevators during the first day of orientation. This ensures a smoother and more organized experience for everyone.

GLC boasts a stunning student dormitory adorned with charming colors on every floor.

On the seventh floor, there were stairs available for those who felt energetic or needed to move around a bit. In the morning, it was a delightful experience to go down from the seventh floor to the first floor using the stairs, while basking in the gentle light streaming in through the windows. The stairs offered a refreshing start to the day, and the physical activity provided an invigorating boost. Conversely, I opted not to use the elevator when going up.

If you need help, go to the office!

Sneak into the GLC office!

Just behind the elevator on the first floor is the GLC office. By the way, you can check your lesson schedule and classroom location on the large tablet in front of the office. Upon opening the door, you'll find the office manned by managers from various countries and dedicated student interns. "If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to visit us anytime! "We strive to provide assistance and ensure your academic experience is smooth. The office is not just a hub for administrative matters; it's a welcoming space where you can seek guidance or clarification.

Japanese staff members Shiho and Genki are there, as well as the  school nurse!

The GLC school nurse is conveniently stationed on the left as you enter, providing easy access for students who may not be feeling well or have sustained an injury.

Additionally, the dedicated school staff is ready to assist you when the need arises for a visit to the hospital. If English is not your primary language and you have concerns about living in Cebu, please don't hesitate to reach out to GLC for support and make your transition and stay as smooth as possible!

Have the best study abroad experience at GLC!

How was it? This time, we took you around the campus of GLC, a language school in Cebu Island. There are still other fun contents such as a game room where you can play with Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, so we will introduce them in our blog.♡

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime through our website. The above is brought to you by Asano! See you again!

I'm a 3rd-year GLC staff member who has experienced a 5-month study abroad program in Cebu and commutes between Cebu and the headquarters in Osaka. In the past, I have also worked as a staff member at a language school in Cebu, gaining experience in event planning and management. I will be sharing reports and useful information from both Japan and Cebu!
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