Communicative Method

GLC's Unique Approach to Learning
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Communicative Method

Communication-based English Learning

GLC adopts a communication-based English learning program is a contemporary and effective approach. It goes beyond traditional methods by incorporating both input (learning vocabulary and grammar) and output (speaking applications). This well-rounded approach is designed to maximize the effectiveness of English study. Learning vocabulary and grammatical skills through input and increasing knowledge, while learning in a form close to practice in class, maximizing the effect of English learning and acquiring English skills that can be used in a short period of time. The adoption of accelerator methods, such as PREP Logical Speaking and RRR Active Listening, indicates a commitment to fast-tracking language learning. These methods likely focus on developing logical and effective speaking skills, as well as honing active listening abilities. Furthermore, as a barometer to control the amount of speaking by international students in class, we have adopted the rule of 7:3 speaking ratio between international students and instructors to maximize opportunities for international students to speak English.

PREP Method

PREP Logical Speaking

PREP, an expressive utterance method unique to the English-speaking world, relies on logical speaking to develop stories based on results and theories about those outcomes. It employs a concise order of "POINT," "REASON," "EVIDENCE," and "POINT" to guide the conversation. This method is designed to enhance both conversational and writing skills, promoting clarity and persuasiveness. By adopting the PREP method, individuals can transform their conversations and writing into compelling and organized pieces.

Active Listening Method

Repeat, React, Reply = Active Listening

Active listening is a technique for facilitating conversational learning. It is an approach that enables you to fully understand what the other person is saying and helps in developing the topic. Rather than merely listening or rephrasing, active listening involves extracting keywords to expansively develop topics. Moreover, it encourages asking questions and making comments to deepen understanding, fostering smooth communication on the other party's topic. This method is designed for learners to actively participate in the conversation, extracting key information, and fostering a deeper understanding of the topics.

Maximize Output

Student Talking Time (STT) vs Talking Talking Time (TTT)

We use the 70% STT: 30% TTT rule as a barometer to control the amount of speaking in one-on-one classes. STT which stands for Student Talking Time and TTT which stands for Teachers Talking Time,  is a common approach in language teaching to ensure that students have ample opportunities to actively use the language during class. This ratio emphasizes the importance of maximizing student participation and engagement in order to enhance language acquisition. Lesson plans are designed to include activities and exercises that encourage students to speak, share ideas, and participate actively. This could involve pair or group discussions, role-playing, presentations, debates, or other interactive tasks.

Specialized Teachers

Dedicated full-time instructor system.

Under the full-time instructor system, GLC instructors are dedicated to one or two subjects such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In addition, regarding academic classes such as IELTS, TOEIC, and TOEFL, teams are formed so that instructors who are familiar with exam preparation such as exam outlines, content, and time management can provide guidance, and lessons are provided by full-time instructors of those teams. In summary, the full-time instructor system at GLC is designed to provide a focused and specialized learning experience. By dedicating instructors to specific language skills and forming teams for exam preparation, the institution ensures that students receive targeted and expert guidance in their language learning journey.


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