Mactan-Cebu International Airport

Mactan-Cebu International Airport

The inception of the world's first resort airport is now a reality – introducing the New Mactan-Cebu International Airport!

In July 2019, Cebu Mactan International Airport underwent a transformative reopening, emerging as the pioneer among resort airports worldwide. The unveiling of the new terminal marked a significant transition, with the pre-existing terminal re-designated as the domestic Terminal 1, and the newly introduced terminal assuming the role of the international Terminal 2.

Consequently, travelers on direct flights from Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, or those arriving in Cebu via Korea or Hong Kong will be directed to utilize the state-of-the-art facilities housed within the new terminal. Although the airport's exterior exudes grandiosity, the interior adopts a minimalist design, ensuring a straightforward navigation experience.

From Arrival to Pick-up

Immigration Forms

On your journey, an Immigration Declaration Form (ED Card) and a Customs Declaration Form will be distributed aboard the aircraft. It is imperative that you promptly fill out these forms while on board and ensure their safekeeping until you reach the immigration checkpoint. In the unlikely event of misplacing the forms, a replacement can be obtained at the airport, just before immigration.

The details required for completion are as follows:
  • Passport Number
  • Surname
  • First Name (Roman Alphabet)
  • Date of birth
  • Country of Citizenship
  • Gender
  • Address of Country of Residence
  • School Name (for those staying in the Philippines - GLC)
  • Phone Number or Email Address
  • Profession
  • Arrival Flight Number (at the time of entry)
  • Departure Point (Japanese Airport Name)
  • Passport-like Signature (Please sign)
  • Arrival Date
  • Additionally, ensure that you mark the purpose of your visit under "PLEASURE/VACATION."
For the Customs Declaration Form, the GLC Admin Office will provide you with a travel guidebook outlining the procedure for filling it out at the time of application. This guidebook will assist you in accurately completing the necessary information for a smooth entry process.

Disembarkation to Immigration

Steps to follow upon arrival  at Mactan-Cebu International Airport

On your journey, you will receive an Immigration Declaration form (ED card) and a Customs Declaration form distributed on board. Ensure you complete these forms while still on the plane and remember to bring them to immigration. In the unlikely event of misplacement, a replacement form can be filled out at the airport before proceeding to immigration.
  • Upon disembarking the plane, navigate the deck towards the open door (staff may provide guidance in some instances) and head straight towards the "Passport Control" sign. Typically, in the expansive open area, walking straight will lead you to the immigration inspection zone. It's a straightforward process.
  • Prepare your passport and immigration card for inspection at the immigration counter. Have your return ticket ready just in case.

    Normally, there won't be many questions, but if asked about the purpose of your trip, respond with "Studying English at GLC." In rare cases, for SSP-related queries, inform them that details will be obtained through the language school upon arrival. If requested to present the "Letter of Acceptance," promptly provide it. Occasionally, examiners may ask why you lack a student visa if you are a student; in such cases, clarify that "GLC will handle it after arrival." The admission permit serves as proof of enrollment, and after entering with a tourist visa, an SSP (Special Stay Permit) will be acquired through the language school.

    After passing through immigration, take the elevator down.
  • After getting off the elevator, check the luggage lane monitor and head to the number where your luggage will come out.
  • Upon exiting the elevator, check the luggage lane monitor and proceed to the designated number for your luggage.
  • Retrieve your luggage from the assigned lane, ensuring you avoid any mix-ups.There's a customs declaration office beneath a large monitor.

    Follow the instructions for an X-ray inspection of your bags and suitcases. Hand the customs declaration form to the staff, then proceed straight through customs and turn right.
  • Take the right path leading to the exit. Before leaving, you'll find a currency exchange office if you need it. Exchange money here if necessary. Once outside the exit, look for the "GLC" signboard – we'll be waiting for you.
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