Join Dubai Junior Camp in the spring of 2023!

Join Dubai Junior Camp in the spring of 2023!

Join Dubai Junior Camp in the spring of 2023!

We are looking for participants!
Would you like to experience studying abroad in Dubai during spring break?

Dubai is currently attracting attention as a venue for English camp where middle and high school students can participate during long vacations such as spring break and summer vacation. Many people think of Dubai as a celebrity place, but in fact, it is possible to study abroad at a relatively low cost compared to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom! Of course, even beginners of English can participate. It is a fulfilling program where you can work on learning English with other friends, and enjoy English activities and hands-on activities in Dubai after class and on weekends.

We are currently recruiting participants for the 2023 Spring Dubai English Camp.

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What kind of country is Dubai?

What kind of country is Dubai?

The convenience of direct flights from Japan and the fact that English is the official language means that there is no need to worry about daily life! The politics and economy are stable, and compared to other countries, the security is very good, so you can live a study abroad life with peace of mind.

Dubai is a futuristic city that has made great strides in recent decades, and has a cosmopolitan environment with 85% of its population being foreigners. Not only at school, but just walking around the city, you can pass by people from dozens of countries and interact with them in English! This is a great opportunity to improve your understanding of different cultures and improve your English communication skills while having fun with your friends.

Studying abroad in such an exciting country will be a lifetime memory, and it will definitely be a great stimulus for your child's future life! By the way, Dubai is a country that is particular about being the best in the world, and various things such as the world's best building, the world's best man-made island, and the world's best mall are registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. We have incorporated a large number of activities so that everyone can experience being "the best in the world”.

I want to know the student dormitory where I’ll stay!

The student dormitory "KSK Home" is a large scale student dormitory where everything is set up. In addition to the rooms, it is nice to have all the facilities for living such as a gym, restaurant, shop, lounge, and laundry.

In addition, KSK Home student dormitory is located in Academic City where educational institutions gather, and it is also a point that students who attend universities, professional educational institutions, and language schools in Dubai are staying. Get in touch with various people outside of study time at school and immerse yourself in English.

This is a dream life that can come true because it's a junior camp in Dubai...! The rooms are also very beautiful and stylish, so you will want to take a lot of pictures! Self-study seems to be going well♪ Each room has a hot shower and a toilet ^ ^There is a shuttle bus when going to the school or the main areas of Dubai, so you can feel safe with your friends wherever you go during the program. Occasionally, you may be able to experience riding the Dubai Metro, an urban railway.

What language school do you go to?

You will attend es Dubai, the first and largest language school in Dubai. es Dubai has a capacity of 800 students, and international students studying English from more than 70 countries around the world gather. It's a global environment that you can never experience inJapan... (laughs).

Located close to Dubai's famous Jumeirah Beach, the location is excellent! Classes are held for 3 hours (15 hours/week)in the morning or afternoon on weekdays. After studying intensively, you will deepen your understanding of different cultures through realistic English ,overseas experiences, and different activities every day.

English as a "tool" that can only be learned in Dubai

Lessons are held in group classes of about 15 people using state-of-the-art interactive boards. Of course, all lessons are conducted in English, so there is no doubt that you will improve your listening skills! In addition, there will be pair work and presentations in small groups according to the theme, and there will be many opportunities to speak in English. It is interesting to learn about the circumstances of various countries, such as "recommended tourist destinations in your own country,""age of maturity," and "makeup." Not only can you learn English, but you can also learn about other countries using English. You can learn English as a tool.

Many Japanese children say, "I understand grammar, but I'm not used to speaking." At this school, seeing classmates from other countries speaking without hesitation even if they made grammatical mistakes, he said, "I respect you and give me courage."By participating in the camp in Dubai, I feel that they are not afraid of making mistakes and do not act, but that they are experiencing the importance of actively speaking out and learning even when they make mistakes. This realization is very valuable, and the staff strongly feel that it is an experience that can only come true because it is a junior camp where overseas students gather.

\ Actual activity report /

One of the popular secrets of the JuniorCamp in Dubai is the activity of visiting 14 sightseeing spots! Enjoy the vast desert, ride a camel, and visit the Dubai Aquarium, which has the world's largest aquarium certified by Guinness. There are many precious places that cannot be experienced in other countries. This time, I will introduce some of them.

World's tallest building!? [Burj Khalifa]

The world's highest skyscraper seen up close is still a masterpiece. At first, I tried to capture the whole thing in a photograph, but it was quite difficult. Everyone almost crawled on the floor and tried hard to put the whole thing in (laughs). If you can take a picture safely, go inside the tower! After passing through the luggage inspection, proceed while checking how the Burj Khalifa was made and how the construction was done, and board the high-speed elevator.

When you arrive at the 124th floor in no time, the cityscape of Dubai spreads out below. The feeling of climbing the tower that I often saw while traveling and overlooking Dubai is exceptional.And the Armani Hotel is inside the Burj Khalifa. After climbing the tower, why is it that someone always says, "I'll be rich in the future and stay here"... (laughs).

A market where you can enjoy price negotiations in English [Old Dubai]

Old Dubai, the birthplace of Dubai, still retains the old cityscape of Dubai. The atmosphere changes dramatically from New Dubai, where skyscrapers line up. Just looking at the souk (market), where you can shop for historical buildings, Middle Eastern Arabian miscellaneous goods, spices, gold, etc., is exciting.

At the store, when the salesclerks who want to attract customers see us, they say things like "kocchikocchi," "yasuiyo," and "kawaii." I understand that, but what are "Okachimachi~" and "Garigarikun~" (laughs). If you find something you want to buy, do your best to negotiate the price! If you cooperate with everyone and buy a few, it will be cheaper. Everyone who was hesitant at first gradually became addicted to price negotiations and made great deals. As expected, gold is only a try-on.

Countdown at the largest theme park in the Middle East♪[Global Village]

One of the largest theme parks in the Middle East, held only in winter from October to April every year, has pavilions from more than 65 countries. There are plenty of food stands, so you can see and eat, eat and see, and even enter the amusement park. It's Dubai.

The winter junior camp from 2022 to 2023 spent the countdown at Global Village, and there were a total of 7 countdowns according to the time of various countries and fireworks. Philippines at 8:00,Thailand at 9:00, Bangladesh at 10:00, India at 10:30, Pakistan at 11:00, and UAE!.

It was a big hit with the mothers who attended!


<From the mother of a winter 2022 participant>

Thanks to the prompt communication from the initial response, and the very reliable and good staff, we were able to complete the project without any problems. I am grateful. My daughter seems to be so satisfied that she can't stop talking. I will tell my friends that it was very good.

<From the mother of a summer 2022 participant>

My son joined the summer camp  at the time when the number of infected people in Japan was said to be at its peak in a restless situation due to the corona crisis. After checking in and seeing the departure gate, I was overwhelmed with tension. I was worried that it might be too early to let him participate, but all I hear from my son after returning to Japan is that he was really glad he went to Dubai. Immediately after returning to Japan, he participated in an English camp sponsored by a junior high school. Also, in the future, he wants to live in Dubai and work abroad. He has broadened his horizons and feel that the future is bright. With the friends he met at the camp, he is excited to become a tutor at the Dubai camp when he becomes a university student. Thank you very much for your valuable experience.

Let's go to Dubai for spring break this year!

Let's go to Dubai!!

How was it? I feel that not only the children but also the mothers are very happy, and the staff are also rewarded with valuable experiences. Thank you for your kind words! This program will proceed with the support of experienced local Japanese camp leaders from the time of arrival to the time of departure. It's okay if you're worried about your English ability. We provide thorough management support so that you can participate in the program with peace of mind even if you are studying abroad in the middle of the coronavirus, so you can leave your child with peace of mind.

Even during the program, it is possible to communicate with LINE, etc. In addition, we will update the daily activities on the @epic_english_camp Instagram account, so you can see how your children are doing their best in real time♪

If you have any questions, we will answer anything, so if you are interested, please feel free to contact us by email or LINE! Through the English camp in Dubai, the children may come back home with new dreams, as well as Englishs kills and communication skills. We look forward to your participation!

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