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When embarking on a journey to study in the Philippines, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Mongolia...etc, aged 15 and above enjoy the privilege of not having to undergo the process of applying for and obtaining a visa beforehand. Upon arrival in the country, a visa-free short-term stay (no visa) stamp grants them a 30-day stay.

Aside from the visa-free short-term stay option, there is the Special Stay Permit (SSP) designed specifically for those interested in studying English at GLC. Moreover, various visas and permits are mandated, contingent upon the anticipated duration of your stay. To provide comprehensive information, we will elaborate on these options in detail on this page.

Short-Term Stay (No Visa)

Enjoy a 30-day visa-free short-term stay (no visa required) in the Philippines if you are a Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Mongolia...etc. To qualify, ensure that you possess a valid passport with a validity period extending beyond your expected date of return. Additionally, having a valid round-trip air ticket or an outbound air ticket to another country is essential for this visa-free short-term stay of 30 days.

Moreover, if your stay exceeds 31 days, it is possible to apply for an extension by completing the necessary procedures at the immigration office through GLC. Keep in mind that if you leave the Philippines at any point during your stay, the visa becomes invalid. Upon re-entering the country, the 30-day count will reset from the first day. This provision offers flexibility for extended stays while ensuring compliance with immigration regulations.

SSP (Special Study Permit)

SSP, also known as a Special Study Permit in your country is a permit mandatory for foreigners engaging in studies at language schools or other educational institutions in the Philippines for the purpose of tourism.

The SSP is valid for six months from the date of entry into your country. If you plan to continue your studies beyond this period or if you decide to transfer to another school, it is necessary to obtain the permit again. GLC is here to assist you with all the required procedures. Upon your arrival in Cebu, we will handle all the necessary paperwork on your behalf. The day after your arrival, you will receive your passport and complete a form designated by the Immigration Department.

The fee for the Special Study Permit is 6,800 Philippine pesos, approximately equivalent to 115 USD. Payment in Philippine pesos is required upon arrival at the venue.We strive to make the process seamless and convenient for our students. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Special Study Permit, please feel free to contact our dedicated team for assistance.

ACR-ICard (Alien Registration Card)

The ACR-I card, short for Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card, is a crucial document required for foreigners staying in the Philippines for more than 59 days, particularly for the purpose of sightseeing. If your study period at GLC extends beyond 9 weeks, obtaining this card becomes mandatory.

This card serves as concrete evidence of a foreigner's legal residency status in the Philippines and doubles as a valid identity document. GLC takes charge of all necessary procedures on behalf of its students.

It is essential to note that failure to possess an ACR-I card may result in a fine equivalent to the cost of obtaining one or more upon departure from the Philippines. GLC will provide advanced notice and request all eligible students to secure their ACR-I cards. However, in rare cases where students have transferred from another school or have visited the Philippines for a trip before or after their study abroad program, there may be instances where an announcement cannot be made. Please exercise caution.

[How much] 3,300 Philippine pesos (approximately 55 USD)
*An ID photo measuring 2cm x 2cm with a white background is required at the time of acquisition.

Visa Extension

If you plan to stay at GLC for more than 5 weeks to study English, you will need to apply for an extension of your stay visa. Check the table below for more information about visa extension, as it varies depending on the length of stay.

Please note that, for the convenience of management, the visa extension fee will be billed in a lump sum according to the length of stay after the orientation and currency exchange on the day after arrival.
31 days to 60 days (5 weeks to 8 weeks)
Php 3,640
61 days to 90 days (9 weeks to 12 weeks)
Php 7,710 *ACR fee included
91 days to 121 days (13 weeks to 16weeks)
Php 2,940
122 days to 152 days (17 weeks to 20weeks)
Php 2,940
153 days to 183 days (21 weeks to 24weeks)
Php 2,940

Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG)

If a child under the age of 15 will be studying at GLC, a Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG) application will be required prior to travel. The WEG is a specific type of visa mandated for children under the age of 15 who intend to travel to the Philippines unaccompanied or without a parent (or parental authority).

*Even if an adult accompanies the child, it must be noted that if this adult is not the parent, it serves as proof that parental approval for the trip has been granted.
*The WEG application can be processed by an individual with parental authority. Alternatively, one may choose to engage the services of an agency, though it is important to be aware that the associated fee will be higher.

For detailed information on the WEG application process, please refer to the following guidelines.
What to know about WEG?
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