[Updated on February 20] Notice regarding reopening of IDEA CEBU

February 20, 2022
February 20, 2022

Notice of resumption of IDEA CEBU

Finally, starting from February 10, 2022, the Philippines has reopened its borders to foreigners for business and tourism purposes, providing visa exemption to those who meet specified requirements, including vaccination.

Under the granted visa exemption for tourism, individuals can also pursue studies at a language school concurrently. The operation of our language school was temporarily suspended in March 2020, marking approximately two years since its closure.

Please check here for details such asconditions for entering the Philippines.

IDEA CEBU is prepared to promptly resume operations, with flight services set to recommence from March 27, 2022 (Sunday). This decision is based on a thorough assessment, taking into account various factors.

  • Until March 27th, there are limited direct flights between Japan and Cebu.
  • This restriction is attributed to the ongoing repair work following the typhoon that struck on December 18, 2022, which is expected to conclude on March 10.
[Current status of IDEA CEBU]
・On December 18th, a powerful typhoon wreaked havoc on our campus, causing extensive damage to the student dormitory's ceiling, the campus's outer wall, and the building's glass. I am pleased to inform you that we have successfully completed the necessary repairs. The comprehensive repair work is set to be finalized by March 10.

・Since March 2020, three dedicated Japanese full-time employees have been diligently working on campus, contributing their skills and expertise to our community.

・Moreover, approximately 250 Filipino instructors, along with kitchen and cleaning staff, have been actively engaged in their roles since March 2020.

[About operations associated withreopening]

Upon reopening, IDEA CEBU is gearing up for a two-stage operation: a soft opening followed by a full opening. We are excited to welcome international students during both phases, ensuring the stringent implementation of infection prevention measures.

Soft opening from March 27, 2022 (Sun) toJuly 9, 2022 (Sat)*July 10, 2022 (Sun) ~ Full opening**

*During the soft opening, we willgradually increase the number of employees up to 50% of the capacity, implementinfection prevention measures, and operate with limited operations.
**At full opening, all operations willoperate normally with the capacity limit according to the decision of thePhilippine government and IATF (Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging InfectiousDiseases).

(Infection prevention measures and somerestricted operations will continue or be abolished depending on thesituation.)

Please see below for details on infectionprevention measures and restricted operations during the soft opening period.

Click here for details on reopeningoperations

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