Can I connect to the Internet while studying in GLC?

How to connect to the Internet in the Philippines?

Data Communication with SIM card

If you are currently using a smartphone and have a SIM-free device, we recommend purchasing a local SIM card for convenient and cost-effective Internet connection and communication within the country.
Advantages of buying a SIM card
An unlimited packet plan is available with a daily usage limit. This allows you to connect to the Internet seamlessly without the need for Wi-Fi. The speed is relatively good, utilizing LTE/4G technology.

Recommended Mobile Carriers
In the Philippines, there are three major carriers (SMART, Globe, SUN). Considering signal conditions, we recommend opting for a SMART or Globe SIM. While SUN offers cost savings, its radio wave performance is suboptimal.

Stay connected at a cheaper cost
SIM cards can be purchased in the range of Php50-100. Internet usage is facilitated by charging the SIM with a prepaid method. Various plans are available, with unlimited use priced between Php 300 to 500. Comparatively, renting Wi-Fi in other countries can cost around USD 12 to 13 n for 30 days, making the SIM card an economical choice.

Extra charge for calling
Apart from the data communication fee, calling incurs a separate charge.

Where can I buy?
While SIM cards can be bought at Mactan-Cebu International Airport upon arrival, numerous locations around the school and shopping malls also offer them for purchase. Choosing a convenient location will ensure accessibility to this essential communication tool.

Free Wi-Fi(on campus)

If you are currently using a smartphone in your country and have a SIM-free device, we recommend purchasing a local SIM card for accessing data communication (Internet) locally.

The school's Wi-Fi is equipped with a facility that accommodates more than 100 simultaneous connections. However, during lunch and dinner times, numerous international students tend to connect at the same time, leading to issues such as slow speeds and difficulty in establishing a connection. Please be aware of these potential challenges.

If you require a stable connection for work or other purposes, consider purchasing a SIM card for data communication or renting a Wi-Fi device locally in your country. This ensures a more reliable and efficient internet connection for your needs.

Free Wi-Fi (student dormitory)

Wi-Fi connection is available in each room.

Free Wi-Fi (hotel dormitory)

Wi-Fi connection is available at each hotel.

FreeWi-Fi (city)

Free Wi-Fi is available at shopping malls, restaurants and cafes. A password is often required to connect, so be sure to ask the store clerk each time.
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