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Pioneering the Nikkei Language School Experience.

Confidence in exemplary cost-performance and top-notch quality defines IDEA CEBU, the forerunner of GLC, which established its roots in Cebu in 2011 as a trailblazing Japanese language school. It introduced an intensive learning program widely recognized as "Semi-Sparta" and has flourished as an affordable and high-value language institution since its inception. Today, operating under the banner of GLC, our commitment to excellent cost-effectiveness persists. Much like the Semi-Sparta model, we proudly present an "intensive learning program" designed for optimal efficiency in your studies. From its humble beginnings, IDEA CEBU has evolved into a reputable language school, and now as GLC, we continue to uphold the tradition of delivering outstanding educational value. Our dedication to providing a superior learning experience remains unwavering.

The General English course is called the "Power Speaking Course," This course focuses on enhancing speaking skills, and it's interesting to note that it incorporates the speaking program of LIFE CEBU, which merged with IDEA in 2014 through a merger and acquisition (M&A). Moreover, the mention of exam preparation courses for tests like TOEIC, TOEFL, and IELTS is notable. These courses are structured as intensive programs, combining general English with the ULTRA 8 courses, which involve one-on-one sessions for eight lessons per day. This approach suggests a commitment to providing comprehensive and concentrated preparation for English proficiency exams.

Starting November 2022, the school was rebranded as Global Language Cebu (GLC), coinciding with the renaming of the current campus featuring added amenities like a pool, fitness gym, table tennis, game room, and more. This signifies a commitment to expansion and creating a more enriched environment for our students.  At GLC, the presence of managers from around the world and the  international students with a diverse background contribute to creating a multicultural atmosphere. This aligns well with the theme "Study & Enjoy," emphasizing not only high-quality English learning but also the importance of providing a holistic experience. The inclusion of weekly activities and events further enhances the overall learning experience by offering opportunities for students to interact and engage with each other.
2815 New Frontier St. Mabolo, Cebu City, Cebu 6000
Established IDEA Education in October 2011 / Moved to the current campus in November 2022 and changed its name to GLC.
400 students
Campus Facilities
Private one-on-one classroom, group class classroom, multi-room, indoor & outdoor dining, pool, garden lounge, cafeteria, shop, fitness gym, pool, TV game rental, table tennis table, self-study area, free Wi-Fi (high-speed optical fiber connection)
Surrounding Facilities
Shopping mall (Ayala Mall), supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, drug stores, hospitals
Filipino, Japanese, Thai, Taiwanese, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, Jordanian, Mongolian.

School Location

2815 New Frontier St. Mabolo, Cebu City, Cebu 6000

Why study in GLC?

Top ranked Study Abroad Satisfaction

GLC is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and enriching experience for students in Cebu. By aiming to be the No. 1 choice for students in the region, GLC not only emphasizes English learning but also places a significant focus on fostering a sense of community and offering a variety of activities. The inclusion of local fun and enjoyment, experiences, marine sports, and volunteering in social activities reflects a commitment to providing a well-rounded study abroad experience. The proactive approach to organizing weekend activities twice a month and on-campus activities every week demonstrates an effort to keep students engaged and create opportunities for interaction. By emphasizing support in all aspects of a student's life during their time at GLC, the institution aims to make the study abroad experience in Cebu both irreplaceable and valuable.

Specialized Speaking Program

The General English Program offered by GLC is called the "Power Speaking Course" and as the name suggests, it is a program that specializes in speaking. The program includes not only the output classes such as Speaking and Pronunciation, but also incorporates a comprehensive approach with input learning classes such as Reading and Vocabulary. At GLC, the incorporation of SST teaching (Student Talking Time) is a positive approach, as it suggests a focus on student engagement and active participation in the learning process. The output of international students is maximized by learning with a ratio of 7 students: 3 instructors.

Best cost performance study abroad experience

GLC focuses on maintaining reasonable pricing compared to other language schools in the region. Despite not having a large resort-type campus, GLC still provides essential facilities such as a pool, gym, and recreational spaces, allowing students to study abroad at a low cost. Despite its low cost, GLC teachers are trained by excellent trainers with CELTA qualifications certified by  Cambridge University,  so we are able to provide high quality classes. This combination of affordable pricing and quality instruction can be appealing to students seeking a cost-effective study abroad experience. In addition, we offer a GLC intensive class program, making it possible to study abroad at a good cost performance even in a short period of time.

Comfortably furnished student dormitory

The GLC student dormitory, conveniently located adjacent to the language school, provides single, double, and triple room accommodations. In- room amenities include a hot shower, toilet, air conditioner, refrigerator, fan, and a hairdryer. These amenities contribute to the comfort and convenience of the students. The dormitory layout is structured with separate floors for males and females, ensuring a well-organized and secure living environment. Additionally, family and single rooms are available on the top floor. All rooms have internet access, and the entire building is equipped with high-speed optical fiber internet. This is especially advantageous for students, as it supports both their studies and potential online communication needs. Students have the flexibility to attend online classes provided by GLC through ClassLive, right from the comfort of their dormitory rooms. The availability of high-speed internet aligns with this, showcasing the school's commitment to technology and facilitating online interactions.

Complimentary daily shuttle bus service.

GLC facilitates convenient transportation with a shuttle bus service to major shopping destinations like SM Cebu City, AYALA Mall, nearby supermarkets, and restaurants during weekday evenings and weekends. While there are no convenience stores within walking distance of the school, on-campus shops and cafes are available. Students can conveniently access shopping options in the evening by using the shuttle bus service. In addition, the nearby food hub has famous restaurants such as Samgyeopsal Korean restaurant, CoCo Ichibanya curry, UCC cafe, ramen shop, pork cutlet shop, and more. It is a nice place where many international students and travelers can gather.

Study & Enjoy = Balance

International students from all over the world come to GLC to learn English. There are many opportunities to learn and speak English not only in English classes at GLC, but also in everyday life. At GLC, the regular campus activities such as yoga, movies, and cooking contribute to a lively atmosphere and provide platforms for students to interact with each other outside of formal learning settings. This helps in building friendships and language skills in a relaxed setting. The bi-monthly Saturday activities, including city tours, Oslob tours swimming with whale sharks, and volunteering activities, further enrich the students' experience. These outings not only offer cultural exposure but also create memorable and shared experiences among the international student community. The variety of activities provided by GLC allows students to use English in practical, everyday situations, contributing to their language fluency and confidence.

TOEIC, IELTS, Eiken Test Preparation Course

GLC offers courses for various English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEIC, and Eiken. The one-on-one exam preparation lessons allow for a personalized and focused learning experience. This individualized attention is valuable for addressing specific strengths and weaknesses, providing targeted feedback, and tailoring the instruction to the student's pace and learning style. For group classes, students can join the general English course, providing flexibility in their learning experience. This integration allows students to benefit from a well-rounded English education while also focusing on exam preparation. GLC offers ULTRA 8 courses for students who wish to concentrate specifically on exam preparation. The availability of eight (8) one-on-one sessions per day in these courses underscores the intensity and focus on achieving success in the exams.


GLC’s mission is  top-notch English education for the development of global human resources.

General English Course

Power Speaking Course

GLC offers a General English course suitable for beginners to advanced English learners. Known as the "Power Speaking Course," this program emphasizes a practical, output-centered learning curriculum.

Centered around output-focused subjects like speaking, pronunciation, and quick response, participants acquire the essential language skills for effective communication. The goal is to equip learners with the ability to confidently use English in real-life situations and diverse contexts. The course content is meticulously structured and individually customized to align with each student's English proficiency level. This ensures a systematic and tailored approach to language acquisition, promoting a comprehensive and effective learning experience.

Power Speaking (General English Course)
GLC's General English course is structured with four one-on-one lessons and two group lessons, providing a well-balanced and stress-free schedule of six lessons per day. In one-on-one sessions, training and refinement are tailored to address specific weaknesses identified through a score analysis of the level check test administered at the time of admission. This individualized approach is based on the unique needs and proficiency level of each student. Group lessons foster interactive discussions and debates among students of similar proficiency levels. For beginners, specialized classes focus on practical everyday English conversation, covering topics like grammar and survival English conversation. This comprehensive course design ensures an efficient and effective learning experience for students at all levels.

Intensive Power Speaking
This course is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their English proficiency through a structured program comprising five one-on-one classes and two group lessons each day, total of seven lessons per day. In the one-on-one sessions, training and review are meticulously conducted, focusing on areas identified as weak points for each student based on the level check test score analysis administered at the time of admission. This personalized approach ensures targeted improvement aligned with the unique needs and proficiency level of each learner. Our group courses facilitate interactive discussions and debates among students at the same proficiency level, fostering collaborative learning. Specifically suitable for beginners, workshops are offered, providing opportunities to delve into more advanced topics related to everyday English conversation, covering aspects like grammar and survival English. This comprehensive course structure aims to provide a well-rounded and effective learning experience, addressing the diverse needs and proficiency levels of our students.

Ultra7 Power Speaking (one-on-one course)
This course is for individuals seeking to intensively practice English through seven one-on-one lessons, providing a focused opportunity to strengthen weaknesses. The program comprises a total of seven lessons per day. In the one-on-one sessions, training and refinement are conducted with a specific focus on addressing individual weak points, as identified through a thorough score analysis of the level check test administered at the time of admission. This personalized approach caters to the unique needs and proficiency level of each student. Within the seven one-on-one lessons, numerous specialized speaking classes are available, making it an ideal choice for those who have been studying English and are eager to enhance both their overall English skills and communication proficiency. This course structure aims to create an intensive and targeted learning experience, allowing individuals to address their weaknesses and significantly improve their English language and communication skills.

Family Share Package

Presenting an excellent Family Share Package designed for families and parents engaged in overseas studies in Cebu. This program facilitates the sharing of one-on-one lessons included in Family Packages 2, 3, and 4 among family members or between parents and children. Parents and children aged 15 and over are eligible to participate in the General English Power Speaking course program, which is shareable for families consisting of 2-4 individuals. Group lessons within the package are accessible for those over 15 years old. Additionally, children aged 5 to 14 will be enrolled in the Kids' Junior English program.

As a general rule, all programs will be conducted in a one-on-one format. The lesson content primarily focuses on a speaking-specific program, with key features including grammar, reading, and writing. Emphasis is placed on enhancing skills essential for effective speaking, encompassing fluency, accuracy, and pronunciation. The program is meticulously designed to cater to all students aiming to refine their English fluency and accuracy. It ensures intensive English-speaking opportunities, employing a class structure that maximizes the amount of output. This program is highly recommended for individuals seeking rapid improvement in their English speaking skills within a concise timeframe.

English Plus Course

English + α course

In the English Plus program, participants can enhance their language skills through the Power Speaking course, which is a comprehensive English program. During the afternoons and evenings, students have the unique opportunity to engage in virtual internships abroad, spanning Europe, India, and other regions, while also contributing to volunteer initiatives at local schools and companies, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Cebu.

English + Virtual Internship
In this virtual internship, you will engage in online meetings with local companies in Ireland, Denmark, India, Tanzania, and more. These sessions will take place from evening to night in the Philippines. Your tasks will involve product planning and development, public relations, marketing, and market research. For the research and report preparation related to your assigned tasks, a virtual internship mentor will be assigned to each group (possibly one-on-one depending on the number of participants). The mentor will provide guidance before and after the event to help you understand the task content and offer valuable research advice. This includes methods for report preparation, report practice, and preparation for presentations. This opportunity not only allows you to apply the English language skills you have acquired in a practical setting but also presents a unique program offered by the Philippine Language School. It is an excellent chance to gain hands-on experience in a professional environment and enhance your language proficiency within the context of the business world.

English + Volunteer Internship
In NGO volunteer initiatives, we are actively engaged in addressing the social issue of poverty within the Philippines through the "Anya's Home" project launched on Cebu Island. This project aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and involves various activities, including Japanese language education, English education, study tours, mental care, cooking assistance, and cleaning support. A typical day of volunteering spans approximately four hours, encompassing two distinct categories of activities: those conducted within the center and preparatory tasks on campus. This designated time allows for the development of lesson plans and educational materials to enhance our teaching initiatives. During preparatory activities on campus, GLC instructors serve as mentors, offering valuable support and guidance. Moreover, we offer opportunities for volunteers, including internships, to assist with tasks at local schools and Japanese language schools. This multifaceted approach enables us to contribute meaningfully to the community while addressing the challenges outlined in the SDGs.

Eiken Cebu Course

Eiken Preparation Course

EIKEN, short for the Practical English Proficiency Test, is a highly regarded assessment of English proficiency in Japan. Administered by the Eiken Association of Japan, this test attracts an impressive 3.9 million applicants annually, standing alongside TOEIC as one of the country's most renowned proficiency tests. EIKEN results play a crucial role in numerous university entrance exams, influencing academic scores, providing preferential treatment, and even exempting students from further exams.

Please refer to the Eiken page below for information on how to use the Eiken scores of each university for entrance examinations.

At GLC, our curriculum is meticulously tailored to each EIKEN level, covering the 3rd grade, Pre-2nd grade, 2nd grade, and Pre-1st grade. Our one-on-one lessons go beyond the basics of listening, reading, and writing for the initial examination, incorporating comprehensive skills development, including speaking exercises, to prepare for subsequent tests. In group lessons, we focus on honing practical skills through repeated practice and thorough review of realistic exam questions. This approach helps students familiarize themselves with the English problem format and master problem-solving. Specifically designed for the 2nd grade and Pre-1st grade levels, our lesson plans center on the secondary exam and targeted writing measures. The objective is to comprehensively address weaknesses, surpassing the limitations of conventional learning methods. By prioritizing the enhancement of weaker areas, we aim to uplift EIKEN results from the grassroots level, striving for higher grades and ensuring holistic improvement in English proficiency.

Eiken Cebu Intensive Course
The Intensive Course offers a flexible option for short-term study abroad, spanning just one week. It entails a focused exploration of each Eiken subject through one-on-one lessons, paralleled with group classes that include students from the general English course. During this course, participants engage in not only Eiken-specific subjects but also general English lessons. The teaching materials employed are tailored to Eiken, utilizing specialized e-Learning resources. This approach facilitates self-paced learning, allowing students to delve into input-driven studies independently. Moreover, mock tests are accessible online, enabling students to assess their progress during self-study hours outside of lesson time.

Eiken Cebu Ultra 8 Course
The "Ultra 8" is a personalized, one-on-one course focused on Eiken, comprising 8 sessions per day (approximately 8 hours). Tailored for short-term study abroad, starting from just one week, this course is ideal for individuals with prior Eiken experience seeking to enhance their weaknesses and elevate their proficiency. Designed for those who have previously undertaken the Eiken examination, the Ultra 8 course offers a targeted approach to address specific areas of improvement. Similar to the Intensive Course, students delve into a comprehensive study of each Eiken subject, revisiting, refining, and applying the Mock Tests they completed during self-study. To facilitate effective learning, we employ specialized e-Learning materials dedicated to Eiken, fostering independent learning through self-study. Additionally, students can take mock tests online during non-lesson hours, providing a flexible and interactive learning experience.

TOEIC preparation course

TOEIC Intensive Course / Ultra 8 Course

TOEIC is a widely recognized English proficiency test, particularly in Japan, where it holds significance for employment, university admissions, and high school entrance exams. It stands out as the most major English proficiency test in the country. GLC offers two specialized courses: the TOEIC Intensive Course (Intensive) and the TOEIC One-to-One Intensive Course (Ultra8).

TOEIC Intensive Course
The Intensive Course (Intensive) is suitable for very short-term study abroad, starting from just one week. It entails concentrated study of TOEIC reading, writing, and listening through one-on-one lessons, complemented by general English courses conducted in group settings. In addition to TOEIC-focused lessons, you will partake in general English lessons with fellow students. Our utilization of TOEIC-specific e-Learning materials facilitates progress in input learning through self-study. Moreover, during self-study hours outside of lesson times, you can take mock tests online to further enhance your preparation for the TOEIC examination.

TOEIC Ultra 8 Course
In the one-on-one course (Ultra 8), you will engage in specialized TOEIC one-on-one lessons for 8 sessions (approximately 8 hours) per day. This course is suitable for very short-term study abroad, starting from just one week. It is particularly recommended for individuals with prior TOEIC experience and a certain level of proficiency who aim to enhance their scores and address specific weaknesses. Similar to the Intensive Course, this program involves intensive study of TOEIC Reading, Writing, and Listening subjects. Additionally, students will review, refine, and apply mock tests conducted during self-study, ensuring a comprehensive approach to learning. TOEIC-specific e-Learning materials are incorporated to facilitate progress in input learning through self-study. Moreover, during self-study hours outside of lesson times, you can take mock tests online to further enhance your preparation for the TOEIC examination.

IELTS preparation course

IELTS Intensive Course / Ultra 8 Course

IELTS is a test to measure language ability for those who study, work, or emigrate to English-speaking countries, and is the most popular English proficiency test internationally. GLC offers two courses: the IELTS Intensive Course (Intensive) and the IELTS One-to-One Course (Ultra 8).

IELTS Ultra 8 Course
The Intensive course is a course that can be taken even for a very short-term study abroad from one week. Intensive study of each IELTS subject in one-on-one lessons, In the group class, you will be in the same group as the general English course students. to take General English lessons outside of IELTS. We use e-learning materials specialized for IELTS so that you can progress in input learning through self-study, and you can take mock tests online during self-study time outside of lesson hours.

IELTS Ultra 8 Course
The one-on-one course (Ultra 8) is a one-on-one lesson specializing in IELTS for 8 frames (about 8 hours) per day. It is a course that can be taken even for a very short-term study abroad from one week, and is recommended for those who have taken the IELTS exam and have a certain level of examination know-how and aim to improve their scores and strengthen their weaknesses. As in the Intensive Course, while intensively studying each subject of IELTS, we will proceed with comprehensive study including reviewing and brushing up the Mock Tests conducted in self-study, application. We use e-learning materials specialized for IELTS so that you can progress in input learning through self-study, and you can take mock tests online during self-study time outside of lesson hours.

Business English Course

Business English Course / Ultra 7 Course

This course is ideal for individuals aspiring to work in foreign-affiliated companies or overseas, as well as those seeking to enhance their English proficiency within their current workplace. Through a combination of personalized one-on-one sessions and group classes, students will master the four essential English skills—reading, writing, speaking, and listening—creating a well-rounded foundation for linguistic competence. The Business English course is designed to equip participants with accurate expressions crucial in the business realm, effective communication of intentions, and adept product presentation. Beyond addressing the common challenges faced by Japanese speakers, this course aims to instill a global business mindset. Moreover, the presentation class, grounded in practical training, nurtures students' presentation skills, fostering the ability to speak confidently in front of an audience while conveying points clearly and concisely.

Business English Course
In order to enhance proficiency in English expression within the business context and ensure accurate communication of intended information to counterparts, we offer a comprehensive training program. This program encompasses the development of vocabulary, meeting skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills, and more. Engage actively in learning the vocabulary commonly employed in emails and meetings to foster seamless and effective business communication. Our Business English course provides a flexible learning opportunity, suitable even for short-term study abroad commitments starting from just one week. Participants will acquire proficiency in the four essential skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening through personalized one-on-one lessons. Participants undergo intensive training in areas such as meeting skills, presentation skills, and negotiation skills. In group sessions, students partake in General English lessons alongside their peers enrolled in the same program. This holistic approach ensures a well-balanced and immersive learning experience tailored to the demands of the business environment.

Business Ultra 7 Course
To enhance proficiency in English expression within the business realm and effectively convey information to the  other party, our comprehensive training program encompasses language skills, vocabulary expansion, meeting etiquette, presentation prowess, and negotiation skills. Immerse yourself in the intricacies of business communication and actively acquire the lexicon utilized in emails and meetings, fostering a seamless and articulate approach. In one-on-one course, namely the "Ultra 8," participants engage in seven dedicated business-focused sessions per day, totaling approximately seven hours. Ideal for individuals seeking a brief yet intensive study abroad experience starting from just one week, this course is especially recommended for those who have attained a foundational understanding of business English conversation and aspire to fortify weaknesses while honing practical skills. Elevate your linguistic and professional prowess through our dynamic curriculum.

CELTA Certification Course

Cambridge CELTA Course

The Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) stands out as the most widely acknowledged qualification globally for individuals aspiring to teach English to non-native speakers. Accredited by the esteemed Cambridge University ESOL in the UK, this credential is a mark of excellence in English language instruction. Embark on a transformative journey at GLC, where you can enhance your professional skills as an English teacher through our intensive 4-week, 120-hour course. Our instructors, certified by Cambridge English, are native speakers with extensive international teaching experience, holding qualifications such as CELTA, DELTA, or a Master of Arts in English Teaching. GLC proudly stands as the sole institution in the Philippines offering official CELTA certification. Join us and become a part of the global community of proficient and qualified English language educators!

Download the GLC Digital Brochure
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Download the GLC Digital Brochure
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For an excellent cost-performance ratio in studying English abroad, choose GLC. If you're looking to prepare and experience English through online conversation or international exchange, we got you covered with our Classlive online lessons.